Unemployment Webcert Facts

Unemployment insurance (UI) in Maryland is provided to people who are not employed for an extended period of time. The following conditions must be fulfilled for this benefit to be provided to the concerned person.

  • The benefit is only available to residents of the state.
  • The person should have been earning an income in the state in the past.
  • The applicant should not be disabled.
  • The person should be ready and willing to be employed.
  • It is required that the person should be active in searching for a new job.
  • The person must not have been responsible for the loss of job.
  • When making the application, you need to have the following details and information to avoid any problems with the application.
  • Social security number.
  • Name and contact information of places you have worked in the last eighteen months.
  • Dates when you were employed by these employers.
  • Driving license or State ID number.
  • For non US citizens, the alien registration number and the expiry date of your work permit.
  • Those who served in the military in the last couple of years should include their member 4, DD-214.
  • Those who were working with the federal government in the previous two years should avail their SF-8 or SF-50 forms.
  • Bank account details if you would like to get a direct deposit to your bank account.

Online Application

It is now possible to apply for the benefit through the internet. You only need to visit the unemployment website of Maryland state. When making the application in this way, very few details will be required.

You will only need your social security number, your telephone address and names and contact information of people you have worked for in the last eighteen months. Once you get to the website, read and understand the instructions provided. Make sure you are eligible for the benefits. If you quality, you can proceed with the process.

It is important to provide truthful information when making your application. This is necessary to avoid having any delays in the process. If you give false details, your application will be delayed or even rejected completely.

The unemployment authorities in the state confirm the details you have issued with other government agencies. If there are any inaccuracies, you will be requested to correct and provide up-to-date details.

The amounts paid as unemployment benefits are a temporary measure. It is hoped that the people getting the money will soon get a job and cease depending on the benefits. The money is contributed by employers and none of it is deducted from workers’ salaries. The payments are made on a quarterly basis.

The amount payable by each employer is based on their experience with layoffs. The amount of unemployment benefits paid to former employees in the previous year is also considered. Although these payments are made in every state, the amounts differ. Some pay higher than others. The aim of these payments is to sustain those who have been laid off while looking for new jobs.